Being a disabled parent and going to the park with your toddler

Roath Park, Cardiff.
A lovely area of Cardiff, with a beautiful lake, gardens and play area.
Unfortunately, to take my toddler to the park play area, it is impossible by myself.
To get into the play area there are steep hills, and for me to manually push myself it’s virtually impossible without injuring myself and then being too exhausted and in agony to do anything else.

Firstly, there no way I could get into the park, with the hills by myself let alone with a toddler.
When in the play area, the small Tarmac area is quite uneven and very difficult to manuver, and in places tipping out of chair is very likely.
Then the bark and grass area is impossible to push on.
So with a young toddler, who likes to run about try things out and explore, I cannot safely watch him or follow, or get to him if in danger or needs help.
If there was a huge emergency I would crawl and drag myself to him. But as lots of parents know, toddlers can be clumsy and wobbly on their feet, and can fall over a lot. Of course I want to be there for him, pick him up give him a hug and kiss if this happens, but I couldn’t do this every 2 minutes, get out my chair, crawl to him, comfort him and then he would calm down and be off again, while I scramble back to my chair. In seconds he would be out of sight and inaccessible to get to unless I go back to crawling. Which really is not possible to keep up, as its extremely painful and very slow to keep up.
It’s quite a large fenced off area too, with a gate, that he can open. So if he was to run out the gate, if I managed to see him or not, getting their in time to pull him back is difficult. And once he’s out the gate he could go anywhere, especially up the steep hill which I wouldn’t be able to do, get lost in the people, and lots of more that I wouldn’t like to think about! Plus there is a lake!

If was a small play area, or some places have a younger area coroned off, I could maybe position myself by the gate so I know he couldn’t get out and then hopefully be able to have a good full view of him.

In the future, I might blog about other parks and how accessible they are for a disabled parent with a young child.


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