Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis

I thought I’d never be able to play sports again when I first had my spinal injury.
When I was ready, I started looking online if there was anything available. I typed in wheelchair sports and the area I live. I came across disability sport Wales. I was excited! I didn’t realise they had wheelchair sports to try locally. If I had gone into rehabilitation after my accident then maybe I would have known. I won’t go into full details but I somehow got lost in the system and I didn’t attend a spinal rehab centre until much later on (and that was with help from a sport coach).
I’ve tried a few sports so far, wheelchair badminton, wheelchair basketball wheelchair fencing, Handcycling, and wheelchair tennis.
All are such fun! Would love to be able to play them all and more! But it’s not quite possible to have the energy / pain levels to do all of them regular and be a mum.
There are others I would like to try, such as sailing, shooting, archery, etc. too.

I joined Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis as a member on the committee, suggested by one of the other lovely members, Debbie. It gives me something to focus on and contribute to the club with ideas, and be a little more involved in how it’s run.

Everyone at the Cardiff Wheelchair Tennis club are great! They make you feel welcome and are friendly and up for a laugh.
You can just play for fun, and will also support you if you want to play competitively and join in tournaments.

Below is a collage of photos from the join in event at Cardiff wheelchair tennis in 2012.


An article in the local South Wales echo about the join in event at Cardiff wheelchair club in 2012.



Cardiff wheelchair tennis currently play on a Tuesday 11am-1pm and Thursday 12-2pm, at the virgin active Cardiff health and racquets club off ocean way in Cardiff.
Hoping to get a weekend session started soon.

Cardiff wheelchair tennis as well as other wheelchair sports will be at the Wheelchair sports spectacular in May on the 17th and 18th at UWIC NIAC in Cyncoed Cardiff.

We will also be holding a join in event in the summer ( date to be confirmed).
The join in event is confirmed for Sunday 18th August at 9am-12pm.


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