March already!

I haven’t updated in a while. Been in and out of hospital since January. I was on the maternity ward but have continuing colorectal problems.
While on maternity they kept an eye on baby too, monitoring, ctg tracing and scans. Baby bump is definitely a girl! I have a scan picture to prove!
I’m 29 weeks 3 days pregnant. Although baby bump no 2 has become firmer in her kicks and movements, so far, I would say Cody was much more wild in my belly. I get more spaces in-between with this little girl.

Below is scan picture at 25 weeks 5 days :


Scan picture at 28 weeks 1 day:


It’s been a difficult time in hospital being away from my little boy. He is more aware than before, and knows I’m not home with him. He points at the hospital saying mum 😦
I’m glad I’m home with him now. He gave me the biggest smile ever when I for him he was so excited to see me.

Im adding Some photos from over the past couple of months.
It snowed in January, while I was in hospital, would have liked to have experienced and played with Cody in it, but at least he got the chance.


Grand piano in the hospital chapel


Cody at his cousin James birthday, the theme was snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, etc.


Cody visiting me in hospital – taking a nap


Bump/scan pics


Cody 22 months old ready to play in the garden



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