23 weeks pregnant

I’m 23 weeks 3 days pregnant to be exact today. I’m in hospital on the maternity ward, due to my bowels playing up. The usual routine during pregnancy isn’t working so have been admitted to try sort it out , as the strong meds could start pre term labour.
I saw the anaesthetist in clinic on Tuesday who wanted to admit me then but I didn’t want to and wanted to try more things at home first. Then I came back on Thursday with still no luck so came in to here.

I’m feeling upset leaving my boy at home. He’s 20 months now and he’s more aware that something is up and that mummy isn’t home with him.
It’s been snowing too, and I wish I could experience and enjoy it with him.
I was looking forward to taking him to our little cousin James birthday party. Thankfully my mum took him so he didn’t miss out, but of course I would have loved to have taken my son.

Went to the hospital chapel yesterday morning. A friend of mine said there was a lovely piano in there so I wanted to check it out.
I was surprised how big it was in there! I was expecting a small room, was more like a small hall!
I had a little tinkle on the piano. I’m not good at remembering music off by heart, I’m better at reading music. So I just played bits of things that I knew.

My parents brought Cody in earlier, was lovely to see him. When I was saying goodbye to him was horrible seeing his little face, he looked confused why I, his mummy, was staying in this strange place and not coming home with him. I hate thinking what his little mind might be going through.

I’ve felt my baby bump move a little more over the past week.
Craving wise, I’m preferring sweeter things than I did with my pregnancy with Cody. My favourite was chilli cheese bites, and nearly every day I would say Chris get me some.
This time, it’s things like honey, chocolate, kiwis, sweeter things.

Oh! Forgot to say! I bought my first connecta baby carrier last week on eBay. The print wasn’t my favourite, but for my first purchase I didn’t want to pay full price.
Will look forward to trying it out with a real baby! I’m considering getting a mei tai carrier too.


Congratulations to Chris sister Paula too who had her 5th child, a baby boy. A new cousin for Cody.
We went to pick them up from the hospital last week. Cody wast too fussed, he had a little feel of his nose and tried rocking the baby seat.


Happy Birthday to my aunty Gerry! And my cousin James!

Below are a few pics from the past week or so.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. I can understand the horrible frustration of being stuck in hospital and missing out as life continues as normal for family and friends.

    I have enjoyed reading about your experiences as a parent and I wish you, your partner and kids all the strength and health in the world.

    Going to keep following your story so I’ll catch up with you again.


    1. rhiangregory says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Ill take a look at your blog now 🙂

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