Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Most people use the end and start of a year to reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months and their hopes for the year to come.

Remembering and reminiscing of the happy enjoyable moments, makes me feel good inside. Of course thinking of the troubled times can do the opposite. I try and turn any difficult times into a positive, and believe it’s making me a stronger person, and giving me the strength to live life to the fullest, in the moment.
Having plans and dreams for the future is a good starting point, something to aim for. But I say to myself if it doesn’t happen the way I want it to go, not to dwell upon it.
I know I’ve said before, I want to try bring in the ideas I’ve read in Buddhism, into my life, especially living in the moment.

I have said this a lot, but I bring myself back to it a few times;

The past is gone, I cannot change it, so I accept it, learn from it and move on. The future is yet to come anything could happen, tomorrow may never come. But the present moment, is happening right now, so live it the best I’m able to.

On my Facebook I kept an album called 366, which I aimed to take a photo a day during 2012. I kept to it except for one day but I had an emergency operation and wasn’t well enough to use my phone. For my first attempt I think I did rather well!
Looking back at the photos of my boy at the beginning of the year, he has gone from a baby to a thriving toddler, turning 1 in April 2012.
This year I’ve enjoyed seeing Cody develop and myself learning all the time being a first time mum.
I’ve had 3 hospital stays in 2012 which required an operation each stay I was in. Of course it’s horrible being in hospital, but leaving my boy without his mummy at home was even harder.
At the beginning of autumn, I found out I’m expecting our second child which we are so excited about. I had a scan just a few days ago and Cody is going to have a little sister due in May!

Below is a selection of photos of cody in a collage from the last 12 months, followed by one of me from the last 12 months



Some photos from Christmas 2012 celebrations :











My 20 week anomaly scan. We found out we are having a girl! Everything looking ok. Cody held my hand when I was having the scan done. My mum and my partner also came in too.
She looks very bendy! In one of the scan pictures, her head is at the bottom with her legs in the air over her head!







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