Nadolig Llawen! Merry Christmas! 2012

Nadolig Llawen!
(Welsh for Merry Christmas )

It’s Christmas Eve eve, and finally everything is all wrapped up. Cody’s presents were bought a couple of months ago. He’s easy in a way as he is a little boy toddler, so he likes most toys. Difficult part is there is so much choice. But he was the easiest of everyone.
It gets harder every year choosing family and friends presents. Firstly, you don’t want to get them the same present as bought them last year, and when they have most things anyway, don’t know where to start. Then you have to get something they will actually like and use.

We put our tree up the last week of November. That’s the earliest I’ve ever put it up! I think it may have been because I have my son Cody, who is much more aware of the celebrations than last Christmas, and I’m pregnant. Christmas can be a magical time of year for children.











This week we attended the Homestart Christmas party at the community centre. Cody enjoyed it, with all the soft play and bouncy castle, with lots of other children running about.

We went to Newport Tesco to see the coca cola truck, which has become a huge hit at Christmas with the coca cola christmas advert holidays are coming. We decided to go this one even though it was coming to Cardiff, because the truck was going to be in the city centre, so of course parking was going to be an issue and the amount of people out on a Saturday.

The Cardiff wheelchair tennis club had their last session before Christmas and made it into a mini fun tournament. Tony won! He very kindly donated his chocolate reindeer prize to Cody.
I’m glad I managed to go, because I had been looking forward to it. My Homestart worker, unfortunately cancelled on the morning I was suppose to be going. As I had put so much effort into preparing and didn’t want to let others down I contacted Homestart and asked if someone else could come and take us. And I’m so grateful, one of the other workers volunteered!

And on the Friday I met up with my friend Jess at the heronmarsh, for a drink and some food, with Cody too. It was the first time I’ve gone out with Cody to meet up with Jess. My mum was helpful and took us there and picked us up. It was lovely to catch up and see each other before Christmas. At first, Cody was a bit grizzly and having a mini tantrum because he did not want to sit in the high chair. After passing him on each others laps, he finally settled down to sit in it when the food arrived, and was a good boy from then onwards.

It has definitely been a busy and exhausting week. Which is what I expect around the festive period.
Cody has had some sort of infection for 6 weeks now, and I caught a bug a week ago and still have it now.
So of course, on top of an extra busy week, Cody being unwell, me with extra infections on top of health problems, I am in a lot more pain and extremely exhausted.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, we are going to my parents in the afternoon. Family will be calling in, so an ideal time to give the gifts out.
In Christmas Day my mum is working, so the plan is to call in there before she goes to work, and then go to Chris parents house.
Boxing Day, I usually go to Boots, as I love the half price sale!
And the day after is my 20 week pregnancy anomaly scan, which I’m excited and a little nervous about.

Will update how it goes!

Have a wonderful joyful Christmas!



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