Deal or No Deal Pilgrims

What is a deal or no deal pilgrim?
If you’ve ever watched the show, they refer to the audience as pilgrims.

I signed up ages ago to the mailing list. I had a reminder that could apply to be part of the audience. Of course I’d prefer to be playing the game and winning a lot of money! But I thought, hey, give it a go, fill in the online form, I probably won’t get anywhere anyway.
Not sure how long after, a couple of weeks or so, I had a phone call offering the audience to tickets and accepted.
We were able to select a suitable date from their list of options.

I choose the Sunday, as my dad and brother wanted to go and were off work. Plus they were filming the special edition episode. My partner looked after Cody as he decided he couldn’t face watching it when he would want to be the player so badly.

My dad drove us up in his car and we were able to park at the studios with my blue badge.
I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never been in any television game show audience.

Once we were there, we had to que up and enter a ‘holding’ room as I call it, full of tables and chairs, with deal or no deal props decorating the room. Thankfully they had portable heaters on in there as it was such a freezing day and the room was in a room that looked like a warehouse.

My brother and I had our picture done with one of the boxes they had on display. It had the number 15 on it, which is also my due date! What a coincidence!




They were running a bit late, after an hour waiting, we were taken into the studios across the car park.
Advised to use toilets now as there no chance when they are filming.

We were put in the front on the side, and I sat in my wheelchair with my brother and dad in the seats next to me. It was slightly smaller than I thought it would be. The props and decorations were all jazzed up for the special edition.
A confident loud crew member had to warm us up! Getting us to practice our clapping, cheers and ooooos.
They handed out popcorn to share between people.


The contestants came in, in their wonderful costumes and went through the process of getting their boxes.
Noel Edmonds then ran onto the stage, was a quiet clap, as most of us didn’t recognise him! (Dressed up!)
Said a bit, lighten the mood and make us laugh.
Then the filming started, 5 4 3 2 1.

I don’t usually express my emotions when I’m watching something. I clap quietly and keep silent. But because the cameras were always on us, I thought I couldn’t look an idiot if I appeared on TV, so I clapped louder than usual, and smiled and looked sad in the correct places, Kept my hands in my lap to keep from scratching my face or hair to a minimum, and did my stretches when they had short intermittent breaks.

I enjoyed the experience, it was an insight on how they make the shows.
I’d recommend it if you fancy doing something a little different.

Afterwards getting back into the car, I was in a lot of pain. I’m glad I took my morphine with me. Make sure you take some sweets, drink and something to eat before or after, especially if your like me and can get dizzy/feel weird with a long spell without anything. And of course any medication you may need.


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