Becoming a parent after spinal cord injury master class

The spinal cord injury association held a master class at rookwood hospital called becoming a parent after spinal cord injury.

As soon as I heard about it, on SIA Facebook page, I was immediately interested. I followed the link to their website, read about it and filled in the form to put my name down for it.

I was in contact by email with Karen the academy co Ordinator at SIA.
There was a possibility of cancelling the master class due to not enough participants applying. I did my best to try spread the word to friends by text and on Facebook. In the future I may even see if I can leave information at antenatal clinic.
Thankfully, the tutor of the course was happy to go ahead and run it, even with low numbers.

The course was held off the spinal injury ward, and a couple of the nurses recognised me.

It did feel a little strange being back there.

A friendly welcoming lady called jackie was the tutor. She is a wheelchair user and has children of her own too.

The presentation was split into different topics, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby care, adoption, fostering and equipment.
Although, I have an 18 month old boy already, I’m still learning and adapting. I wanted to see what other tips and support I could pick up on.

When Cody was born by c section, with the combination of just having major surgery and my other spinal problems, I was unable to lift him out of the hospital cot they have. Everytime he cried when he was in the cot i had to press the buzzer for the nurses and i disliked doing this as i didn’t want to disturb them all the time, then buzz again to put him back in. A lot of the time i kept him in my arms because i was unable to lift him back and fore. I found out on the course that hospitals should also have a cot that attaches to the side of the bed with an open side.

A few months ago I had a not so nice assessment from adult social services, comments such as I have to cope like any mum does and they can only offer help that I need with my own personal needs, washing myself, getting around the home, etc. I now know this is not true.
So I’m awaiting a second assessment. I have information from the disabled parents international which I will use to help back up my point if they say that my parental responsibilities does not come under adult assessment when it does.

I recommend the master class, ‘becoming a parent after a spinal cord injury’ run by the spinal cord injury association academy, whether your thinking of having a child or are pregnant or have a young baby.
A lot of the content would be suitable too for other disabilities too.

The publications I got from the disability, pregnancy and parenthood international, were a great source of information. Definitely worth taking a look at their website.


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