3 months pregnant

Thankful I’ve made it over the 12 week mark. I had period like cramps for quite a few weeks which are very less frequent now. Of course it’s still in the back of mind of all the problems that could happen.
I’m 13 weeks 4 days pregnant today. I’ve had another week of appointments at antenatal, this time to see the anaesthetist. I’m grateful they do a detailed first consultation because there is so much to ‘flag up’ with all my problems.
I will be having an elective c section about a week before my due date.
I’m nervous because of the trouble I had during the c section before.
I had excruciating chest/shoulder/neck pain, couldn’t breathe, felt out of it like I was passing out, on fire and nauseas.
I never want to go through that ever again.
It was written in my notes as an SVT but the recent anaesthetist I saw believes it may have been something else because of the amount of pain I had. I think that too.

I also had another bladder scan to check on how my bladder is emptying and another teaching session of self intermittent catheters, which I have not successfully managed by myself.
I can’t keep in the same position for long. I can’t keep my legs where they need to be. Even with a mirror I can’t visually see where the catheter is meant to go. I also struggle with my hands keeping everything open with one hand and catheter in other.

This week was also bonfire night. Was a little worried how Cody would react to us going over the beacon centre free firework display because when Chris did a sparkle and a rocket in the garden, he cried.
I was surprised that Cody enjoyed the fireworks, he kept pointing and was fixated on the sky with all the bangs and variety of colours.

My mum and brother came over our house, As the beacon centre is literally around the corner, we walked / rolled over together.
We met up with Sian, holly, lily, Helen, and Matthew too.

I thought it was great seen as it was local and free, because decent fireworks are so expensive to buy just to do your own garden display.




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