I have never carved a pumpkin completely all by myself. My mum has always given me some help to do it.
Well, this Halloween, I decided I would have a go.

We went over my parents house, and my brother and I sat in the conservatory carving our pumpkins, while Cody sat in his high chair.




I let Cody get his hand inside, after cutting the top open. He did pull out some of the pumpkin guts as I call it.


Below is my finished carving. It did feel like a huge work out for me, took a lot of physical energy.


I then picked up some props from my surrounding environment, and put a hat on my pumpkins head and a green bean out from its mouth. I think he looked a bit like a stereotypical farmer lol….


Below is what my pumpkin looked like lit up in the dark with a tea light candle inside it.


Sian, holly, and lily popped by. Holly had a go at carving her own pumpkin too.

These are our pumpkin carvings. From left to right, mine, holly and Rhys’.


Happy Halloween!



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