Pregnancy booking scan

I had my pregnancy booking appointment last Friday, which involved a scan, bloods, bp, and chat to midwife.
I’m booked in to see urgent consultant obstetrician this week to discuss a lot of things, that include my bladder and bowel management, heart symptoms, and other concerns.

My approximate due date after my scan is May 15th 2013.


It was great to see my baby’s heart beating. I’m looking forward to feeling my baby kick.

I’m still getting nausea and sickness but its not as severe as it was with Cody.
Of course I’m exhausted, with combination of pregnancy tiredness and debilitating fatigue from M.E., its definitely knocked me back. I admit I am finding it difficult coping with the increased symptoms and looking after my 1 year old son.
I’m thankful for having good support from my parents, Chris and his parents who can look after Cody for a few hours to allow me to sleep.


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