Weekend break away

We decided to choose a break away to get out of Cardiff for a few days.
We choose Butlins minehead as the price was the most reasonable for the three of us, for a weekend stay and included breakfast and tea if needed, and all the entertainment and activities it has to offer.

You could easily stay on site at Butlins, with all there is to offer, but we like to explore a little so we did go off site a few times. We took a car ride to Taunton, and we also explored the local area of Minehead and Dunster.

This is the weather we arrived to on the Friday, beautiful! We were very lucky with the weather, despite having a miserable summer with hardly no sunshine, for our weekend it stayed sunny and dry.


We had a great time! It was our first break away with just the three of us. I found it different, as now we have a 1 year old boy, we can’t just sit back and chill anytime we want. Our boy has a lot of energy like most toddlers, so we were constantly on the go.
He still has a nap during the day, and we both used this time to have a sleep too.
We let Cody have a bit of freedom, and let him have a run about and choose where he wanted to go.

Cody’s tantrums have also gone up a level, and he his having them daily, and the smallest of things can trigger them. For example, giving him a certain food he doesn’t want, waiting for food to cool down, or stopping him from doing something that he shouldn’t do.

Cody enjoyed the train ride in bob the builder land, and the car ride around the track which he went on, on his own. I was nervous at first, Chris putting him on ride on his own, as I thought he would cry or try escape. But he was really good and looked chilled back, by having his arm stretched out onto the back of the passenger seat.



Butlins very kindly put us into a double room that was linked by a door. So in one room we had two single beds and in the other 1 double bed, and each room had its own toilet and shower to the side.
We used one room as a kind of living room and the other to sleep in.
I’m glad we had that extra space.

The car park was a significant distance away from our room.
So we went back to check in to show we had a disabled badge and they have us a permit that allowed us to park on site near to our room.
If your disabled I would definitely look into where your room is in-comparison to where you park your car.



We had a good weekend away, it was nice to have different scenery for a change.






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