Paralympics 2012 – 3rd september Olympic Park


The night before I went to bed early (I usually do anyway) at 7.30pm, couldn’t sleep think went off about 12am. At 1.15 my alarm went off to wake me up to start getting ready for our day at the Olympic Park to see the Paralympics.
It was certainly a challenge on my body, but I did prepare before hand to know I had to rest my body in advance, and that I would have to rest after it too.
My brother was driving, and he came to pick me up with my mum, at 3am!
I had snuggles with Cody while he was sleeping. Don’t like leaving him.

We stopped at membury services on our way their, and oh my goodness, the women’s toilets including the disabled toilet was disgustingly dirty! There were pads etc over flowing from sanitary bins, and there were lots of flies around. The stench of pooh and upset tummies caught in the back of your throat, was awful!

Once we got to London, we parked our car and got on a bus to take us to the Olympic Park. We were all so tired, our eyes were shutting.

Going through security didn’t take to long thankfully. I had my oramorph liquid in a large bottle and there was no fuss over it.

We asked for directions to Eton Manor and were told it was the furthest away from the entrance we had come in at greenway gate.
They offered us to get on one of those electric buggy things for part of the way. We thought it would be a good idea as we weren’t sure of the distance.



When we had to get off at the buggy stop, we had a great view of the orbit and Olympic stadium. What amazing structures!




The day pass ticket aloud us into a few different sporting venues on a first come first serve basis. I was determined if got the chance to watch some of the wheelchair tennis so we went straight over there to get a space.
We were the first there and the guy said we would definitely get a space!



We could choose from any court to go on. We decided to go on centre court because Great Britain was playing on their first. It w


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