Paralympic flame in Cardiff

Bank holiday Monday was the Paralympic flame events in Cardiff.
My friend Jess and I went along to the events in the centre of town, by the Hayes, to see what sports they were demonstrating and to get a glimpse of the Paralympic flame.

When we first got their, the rain had stopped for a little bit, but was still very grey and cold.

I got to try the motivation sports wheelchair. I’d like to buy one of my own but obviously money is an issue.
I played a bit of table tennis and bumped into a girl I was in Rookwood with. (well I was only their a few days because I discharged myself, and I was also pregnant but didn’t know it at the time). We exchanged numbers and plan to meet up sometime.

I got roped in to having a picture with 2 of the members of table tennis club, a big cuddly mandeville and the Paralympic flame in the lamp.
I did feel a little bad because I was only trying the sport at the time.
I’m thinking of going along to one of the sessions sometime though.

The rain started to come down heavy with the wind blowing too.
When I had a chance, I asked if I could hold the lamp with the Paralympic flame in and got jess to take a picture for me.

Although soaking wet, right down to my knickers, I’m glad I went along to experience it and had great company (jess).




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