Homestart Butlins day trip

When I first heard about the Homestart day trip to Butlins I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it, because my spine operation could have been anyday.
When I went to my pre assessment I was told it probably won’t be until late september / October, so although bad news for the amount of time I’ve been waiting for this operation (since July last year), we were able to go on the trip.

We had to meet up in a local car park at 8.30 in the morning.
I did some preparation the day before because I knew rushing to get everything together early in the morning would be almost impossible without using all my energy (and spoons) for the whole day up in one go.
We planned that Chris would drop me and Cody off at the car park, with my wheelchair, pram, car seat, and our bags full of supplies for the day.
Then chris took the car back home and walked over.
It wasnt possible for all of us to walk/roll over with all the ‘equipment’ and we didn’t want to leave our car there.

The coach trip there went surprisingly smooth, after about 15 minutes Cody fell asleep, and woke up when we were about half hour away.
I took my book, Naked by Kevin Brooks to finish off, as I’ve hardly had a chance.
I obviously got very stiff sitting in a small cramp space. I occasionally spun my legs around into the aisle to stretch them out, and did my usual exercises to try stretch.
I took my morphine too because I knew I would need it.
When we got off the coach and got all our items together, we put on our wrist band and off we went.
At first, I wanted to go straight back home, I didn’t know how I was going to cope or what I could do to pass the few hours we had there.
We had a look around then decided to grab some food in firehouse.
After filling our bellies, we took Cody on some rides, including the train in bob the builder land. He really enjoyed going on them.
Chris had his fix of going on the gambling machines too in sports bar. I thought it was pretty cool in there and could see myself chilling in there.
Cody had some time to run about outside in the sun. He kept wanting to push me in my wheelchair and thought it was a great giggle.
We watched some of the shows that went on in the pavilion. The skyline gang and caught the beginning of the animal show which involved lots of gymnastic and acrobats choreographed dancing, before we had to leave to come home.
Cody fell asleep after about 15 minutes again and slept all the way home. Although it was great he was quiet for the journey, it meant he would then be awake most of the evening.
So a very tired daddy, and exhausted mummy didn’t have any rest until he fell asleep.
I’m not really a butlins person, but Cody enjoyed it. If he’s happy I’m happy. I think when he’s a little older he would appreciate it even more because then he could do a lot more.

By the way, just booked a short break away to Butlins in september!
So at least now can do an activity then come back to lye down.
We may go off site and explore minehead and the surrounding area too.





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