Home from hospital operation

Went into hospital on the 19th June to have surgery the following day.
I prepared my small case, with the usual pjs, shower gel, towel, hairbrush, etc and packed my PSP (to watch films on) and Nintendo DS to play games on, to entertain me.
It was horrible being away from Cody.
Tuesday dragged a bit, because unusual for me, I was admitted for elective surgery, so I felt more well than I usually do getting admited to hospital.
What I mean is, if I’m admitted as emergency, I’m usually constantly vomiting, bringing up blood, most agony you can think of, can’t breathe, or even unconscious, etc. and at my most seriously unwell and unstable.
It was strange being partly with it, and knowing kind of what’s going on around me.
On the Tuesday, they went through all the pre surgery assessments, medical history, taking blood, blood pressure, pulse, temp, etc. Seeing all different medical staff, and having to repeat my long medical history over and over again.
Once I finally got to sleep which was near 3 in the morning, I slept til about 7.
I was told I was first on the list, then second, but when 8am came along I was back to first on the list.
As I was wheeled through the ward on the bed, the lovely older ladies wished me luck.
When you get to the theatre areas, your first put into a small trolley bay waiting area, them moved into the anesthetist room. I was poked and proded everywhere, despite me mentioning I am difficult, the venflon ended up going in my neck (where it usually has to go now, as my veins are so bad, possibly from over use or a medical reason, I’m not sure). It was quite cold in there, I had my gown on, and stockings, i started to shiver a little bit, and when they call more anesthetists in, and you know behind the next door the surgeons are waiting, it can make you become more nervous, which it did for me. Once neckline was in, and mask over my mouth, they put the anethestic in, and I remember them saying, are you feeling sleepy yet, they seemed to be a little shocked that it takes longer to take effect on me (maybe its because of the amount of strong medication I take). Then I started to felt dizzy.
Waking up in recovery, I started to bring up some bile and a little blood. I wasn’t sick from the last 2 anaesthetics, but this made me feel yucky. Plus I was freezing cold, I told them and they wrapped me in a heat wrap to bring my temperature up.
I was put on a PCA (where you can press the button to yourself to give pain relief) but at first this wasn’t enough and needed extra bolus doses.
Once the pain was under control I was moved back to the ward. It was the same ward but different area.
I think it was about 3.30ish.
Theatre forgot to put catheter in while I was asleep so they had to do it on ward.
When I was more comfortable I got some more sleep.
The day after, they wanted to get me sitting up. I found it very difficult, their was fluid on my chest, and when I coughed a little, it pulled on the surgery wounds, which was very painful. I did have a little panic, because I felt I couldn’t breathe and move the stuff off my lungs, and trying to do so caused more pain.
They called a physio straight away and they gave me some exercises to help clear it. As well as using my inhalers, I found using the nebuliser helped a lot.
I was moved to a different area again, still same ward, as I had to stay in over the weekend too, and they wanted to shut one of the ward areas off.

I am home now. I’ve had a slight start of infection in the left wound, but I had some antibiotics and correct dressings from nurses put on, and it’s improving.

I got home in time for my birthday! Although spent in bed and the settee, and having a nurse and GP call, it was better than it being in hospital.
I can’t believe I’m 26!

I’m so thankful for the messages and visits I’ve had over the past few weeks from friends and family.
It was difficult being away from Cody while I was in hospital. And this time I found, because he is older, more aware and more intelligent, I didn’t like him seeing me in the state I was post op.

Its only been 2 weeks since surgery, but without help from my close loved ones, I wouldn’t have got through it without you all.

below me in hospital


below me on my 26th birthday pulling a funny monkey face



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