Dental/mouth op

Finally, after 10 months wait, and 3 cancelled dates in the last month or so, I had my dental / mouth op under general anathestic to remove my difficulty impacted wisdom teeth (the lower 2). There was no room for them, and they were causing a lot of pain, growing sideways into my cheek and underneath the tooth next to it.
It was as a day case in the short stay surgical unit.
When I came over I was totally wiped out and went straight to bed.
It was really difficult as I wasn’t well enough to look after Cody.
UnfortunatelyI I caught an infection in the wound and have been on 3 different antibiotics.
The general anathestic and the post op infection completely knocked me back. I was very fortunate my partner, my mum and dad and also Chris brother and nephew were a great help who helped look after Cody for me.

I also have a date for my breast operation in June.
If they offer me a date around the same time for my spine op, I will probably choose the spine operation to have first.


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