Cody’s 1st Birthday!

My baby boy turned 1 on the 26th April!
It really has gone fast! Feels like yesterday he was born.
I’ve found it an incredible journey from finding out I was pregnant to Cody being born, and seeing him develop and grow.
We decided to have a tea party at our house on the Thursday, 26th April.
In the morning of his birthday, Cody opened presents from his mummy and daddy. Then my parents (cody’s nanny and Grampy) came over after lunch to help set up the table of food and decorations. My mum and dad did an excellent job of putting on a delicious and mixed range of buffet food.
Cody’s 1st birthday cake was beautiful, made by our cousin Sarah.
We decided on a toy story theme, we had matching table covers, plates, cups, decorations, chocolates, etc.









My dad went to pick up my grandparents (cody’s great grandparents). It was their first time to our house too.
Then from about 4pm, friends and family started to turn up. I was so surprised at how many people came! My living room and kitchen were completely full! You could hardly move!
Cody was a bit over whelmed at times, he was probably wondering what all these people were doing in his house lol…I’m sure he enjoyed it! Our younger cousins loved to fuss Cody and play with him. They all wanted to ‘fight’ to sit next to him and have his attention.












When most people had left, Cody and his friend Harmony were able to have some play time together.
It was so amazing seeing them play so intelligently together! It’s like they totally understood each other. It made Jennifer and I, smile and laugh.
At one point, Cody and Harmony, side by side, crawling from living room up our hallway, one would go in front, stop and wait for the other, then they both carried on crawling.
They then took it in turns to pull the door stop to make it vibrate.
Eventually they came back in the living room, and decided to make under the table (we put up to food on) into their own little den. Cody went under first, trying to tempt Harmony underneath. Cody had the biggest grin on his face and was so happy playing with her. They even made each other giggle.




Despite Cody and I having the beginning part of a virus, we made the most of it! We had great fun!
I’m so thankful for all cody’s cards and gifts. Thank you to everyone who came too.

Happy 1st Birthday to my son, Cody! I love you!


As some of you may know who are reading this, I have multiple chronic health problems that affect me all the time. I did my best to try put them aside and ignore it, and use all my energy to make sure Cody had a great day.
Once it was bedtime, and my adrenaline had stopped, it hit me hard again. I’ve been flaring up before cody’s birthday. I haven’t written a blog since March because of it.
Pain shot up sky high, was in tears with excruciating pain and debilitating fatigue all over my body. Despite this, I’m glad Cody had a brilliant day, and I put the extra effort in.
I’d never live my life and do the things I want to do, if I let the pain take control all the time.
Sometimes, yes it does take control of me, no matter how much medication or support, no matter how much i want to do things, I become bed or house bound and I can’t do anything about it. I have to accept that.

I do my best to make each moment count. I will treasure every single smile, giggle, and even tantrum, etc. I get with Cody…..he’s my world!


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