Does the sunshine boost your mood?

When out in my wheelchair, kerbs, slopes, bumps, pot holes, etc are very difficult to maneuver and are physically demanding.
People walking past or in visual view of me, can see me struggling. I’m usually huffing and puffing, muttering how bad the surface is for wheelchair users, having to stop and rest, and figure out the best solution. Very rarely do people offer to help me out.

I always have someone with me whether it my partner or mum or whoever. They do help yes, but they could also be pushing Cody in his pram and carrying a load of things. But also they could have gone just ahead of me. So I do try and do some wheeling myself.
And by the way, this is just things like going from car park to somewhere.

Well today, another lovely day of warm sunshine and blue skies, going from the multi storey car park at the university hospital of Wales, to Cody’s outpatient appointment for his eyes, 5 people stopped to ask if I needed help and a push. I was so very grateful. It made me smile both inside and out. There are some compassionate people still out there!
Maybe it was just one of those days, and I think the sunshine might have just helped increasing people’s mood and therefore compassion.

So, yes I believe it does boost people’s mood! And on a scientific physical level sunshine increases vitamin d and serotonin levels!


PHOTOS of us enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine
















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