Cody’s first birthday is approaching!

On April the 26th, Cody will be turning one! Oh my goodness time has flown by! That’s over a year and a half that I found out i was pregnant with him.
From first seeing him as a tiny peanut on the very first scan , through to now a growing strong little boy who is nearly walking!

Even though his first year of his life has gone so quickly, I’ve made the most of it with him, the best I can, alongside my chronic ill health and hospital stays.
It’s been a year full of new challenges, excitement, joy and milestones.

I’m constantly learning being a first time mum. From the beginning with bonding, which came so naturally, to feeding, nappy changing (I’ve never actually changed a baby’s nappy until it came to my son), what to do when he becomes ill, how to dress him, what he is sensitive to,his likes and dislikes, how to get about with him, my own limits with my health of what I can’t and can do, learning how to stop and rest, coping being away from him while I’m in hospital, and so many more things.
There will be more challenges to face, Im excited and nervous. As Cody grows and develops, I will be too, developing my skills and new experiences.

We were debating whether to hire a room out with softplay or have a buffet first birthday party at our home.
Well, we decided we will invite a few close friends and family over to our place. We had to way up costs of hiring a room, did we even know enough people including children to hire a room , would they turn up, and what we really wanted and our expectations for his 1st birthday.

I am a little nervous, as we haven’t really had that many friends and family over our house before, and some haven’t even been here. It’s a fairly small place, it’s not neat and tidy either haha… I’m wondering how it will plan out. Plus we haven’t had both so many people from my family and Chris family meet before. Let’s hope they get on!

My mum and aunty Gerry have already said they will bake and make a few nibbles. My mum, Cody and I went along to the What Shop, where I had already seen party items are some low cost prices.
We have picked a disney toy story kind of theme, with toy story paper plates, napkins and cups, and matching table cover, with bright cutlery. Unfortunately they didn’t have any toy story party bags, but we picked up some funky disney car ones.
My mum has also ordered a toy story banner.
They have a huge selection of helium balloons in the what shop which are half the price they would be in say popular card shops like Clintons.
They had almost every kind of balloon you can think of! There were about 6 different story ones . Closer to the time we will go back and get some.

My cousin Sarah is going to make his cake for us in the shape of a number one.

We’ve already bought a few presents that include a toy story clock for his bedroom, toy story pjs , toy story book, car breakfast set , car bag, building blocks, and a shape bench and hammer set.

This is what I made with my photo editing skills. I’ve blacked out my personal details just for use on my blog and Facebook.


Cody’s birthday is a month away. For now, I’m enjoying and living each present moment with him.
I don’t want to wish time away. So I live right now.
Right now, Cody is asleep snoring away, in that classic comfortable baby pose with his arms in the air. I’m in bed with the ten o clock news in the background. Took my dose of morphine, 20 mins ago, to take the edge off the severe pain I’m in, to allow me to finish writing today’s blog, which I’m doing now.

Goodnight all! Sleep tight!
Nos da!

Some pictures from the last couple of days








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  1. I am sure the party will be great! Love the photoshop work. Having a party at home is great fun, though chaotic! We’ve had a few now. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and then they can all play out in the garden! 🙂

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