My First Mother’s Day!

Happy mothers day to my amazing mum! I’m so thankful that you are my mum. You’ve always been there, when I’ve needed you through good and difficult times.
Mother’s day should be every day of the year , not just today this commercialised day. To give your mum a hug, say thank you, tell her how much she is loved and appreciated should be done as often as possible!
If unable to see your mum for some reason like being a long distance away, then a telephone call or a letter would be a lovely way to stay in touch, or for more technological people, Skype /video phone call / FaceTime etc.

I’ve only now really appreciated that bond between mother and child, since becoming a mum myself. it’s like no other, it’s so special.

My love for my baby first started when I found out I was pregnant, seeing him on ultrasound scan, feeling those amazing movements inside my womb that only i can feel, those 9 months i carried him, his birth, those first cuddles with his head against my bare chest, his first gaze into my eyes, his first cry, hearing him coo and giggle, his first smile, calling me mum, and I could go on and on saying all the things that I love and appreciate between my baby and I.

I’ve added a few photos of Cody and I, mother and son, from the past 10 months.














Happy mother’s day to all mums out there!



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  1. allinonemum says:

    Your photos really made me smile and nearly brought a tear to my eye. You love and adore your son so much and it really shows. It’s wonderful 🙂 Ax

    1. rhiangregory says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. You made me smile. 🙂 I do really love him, he’s my everything, my boy, my life.
      I do the best I can to show him how much he is loved and play with him when I can. I feel so guilty about the times I can’t play with him though when I’m too ill or in hospital. So when I am able to, I make that time extra special. Life is so precious.
      I’ll have a read of your blog when I get a spare few minutes 🙂 thanks for taking time to read mine.

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