My favourite Welsh composer, Karl Jenkins

A brilliant and talented Welsh musician and composer, Karl Jenkins.
My mum first introduced me to his music years and years ago. She invited me along to a concert of Karl Jenkins conducting his premier his album Ademius The Eternal Knot.

I’ve been hooked since!

I’ve been to a few of his concerts in Cardiff, which included his premier of The Armed Man – A Mass for Peace, a concert celebrating his birthday and music, and also the premier to Stella Natalis.

All of his concerts have been superb!
With the The Armed Man, he made it even more powerful with specially chosen real pictures and videos of the past and current wars, displayed on a screen, above the orchestra and choir performers. It was very moving.

He is back in Cardiff in May to play music from his new album, to be released at the end of this month, The Peacemakers.
I hope to attend it!

After conducting his performance of Stella Natalis, Karl Jenkins was signing programmes, and I got him to sign mine .


I recommend to anyone to get an album of Karl Jenkins music.
Have a search on YouTube to get a taste of his work.
But best of all, go to one of his concerts it’s a great atmosphere!

And I have to add, a huge WELL DONE to WALES in the rugby winning the grand slam 2012!


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