I admit, I’m a book addict!

I love books. I have done since as young as I can remember. I’m very thankful to my parents who started reading books to me since I was a baby. I believe this gave me a good first stepping stone at a young age, through to achieving excellent exam results in school in my GCSE’s and A-levels.

I’m always reading when I can. I use to read a couple of books a week, but now it’s much less than that, and I read parts of books when possible.
I have to juggle between how I am with my health and looking after Cody.
Cody is a demanding baby (well all are really aren’t they!?) and constantly wants my attention. I find he can’t play by himself for more than 5-10 mins before wanting me.
So the only time really i get me time is when my partner or family look after him, and 95% of that time I need it to rest, recuperate and sleep.

Cody already has over 30 books of his own and he’s not even 1 yet.
Ive read and sang songs to him since he was in my belly when I was pregnant.

He seems to really enjoy me reading to him, he looks at me with wide open eyes, so interested and happy. Sometimes he just likes to listen to me read to him and sometimes he likes to join in to with his own sounds.
I hope he will like books too, as they are a great source of knowledge and creative imagination.

I’ve read so many sorts of books, it’s difficult to name a few favourites, as there are so many, without mentioning them all (and thats impossible to remember all right off the top of my head).
One of my favourite authors is Kevin Brooks. His books are written mainly for teenagers and young adults but I still enjoy them. I’ve read all his books apart from his recent 2. One of which is his first adult novel.

I’m starting to read this bit by bit.


And this one too:


I’ve been interested in Buddhism for a while, I’ve been reading books about it.
This one of the recent ones I picked up. It’s about using Buddhist ways in a typical western country to bring about a content, happy, way of life.

Below is a photo of Cody reading
‘we’re going on a bear hunt’, such a popular children’s book.
I bought the book and bear cuddly in a set for him last Christmas.





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