My baby in hospital :-(

Cody has been constantly catching one infection after another since last year. (I know it’s totally normal for children to build up their immune system)
The last couple of weeks though he’s had severe vomiting and diarrhoea with blood, and couldn’t keep anything down, scream crying all the time, bad chest, etc. we took him to the doctors and out of hours, and was referred to hospital because he was so dehydrated.
It was horrible seeing my little boy crying in pain, he’s always constantly happy and giggling.
He’s home now thankfully and feeling better.


Last weekend Wales won the triple crown in the rugby against England, and Cardiff City did a great job playing Liverpool in the football, it was so close!
Cody turned 10 months old too! Can’t believe how fast it’s gone, it’s nearly reaching his first birthday!
Below is a picture of Cody getting in the mood before the match with his Cardiff tshirt on.


It’s felt pleasantly warm at the start of the week, is spring here?
Cody and I spent some time playing in the garden. He does a funny happy snorting smile.




We bought Cody his first smart bike trike too.


Cody went to Jump yesterday with our friends Jennifer and Harmony. He enjoyed it and did lots of exploring. It was lovely to see him interacting with other young children.
If your wondering, jump is a huge indoor play place for young children.


As Cody has been unwell, I’ve had a bit of a chest infection too, I’ve found it very challenging for the amount of extra attention he has needed. I always put Cody first before anything, so I’ve neglected myself a lot.
My M.E. has flared up, I’ve been totally exhausted. Pain has gone through the roof at times and even the morphine hasn’t helped.
It’s not just the debilitating fatigue and pain, it’s the dizziness, vice pounding migranes, brain fog, feeling out of it, heartburn that feels like your oesophagus is on fire and bleeding, every muscle of the body so heavy and aching, nausea, etc and that’s alongside everything else, having excruciating muscle spasms in my back, horrible spinal bone and nerve crushing pain. So much more too, I’ve probably missed a lot out!
All this and I’m still smiling! 🙂 that’s me all around. Despite everything that ill health throws at me, I go on, and do my hardest working at not being miserable and being happy 🙂

I’m ever so thankful to partner and my parents for looking after Cody when it’s been impossible for me.

I’m grateful to be alive and living, and so lucky to have a beautiful boy.

HAPPY ST DAVID’S DAY for yesterday March the 1st!


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