Cody’s first time in the snow



We had the first snowfall since Cody was born last April.
Of course we had to take him out in it, even if it was only just a couple of minutes in the garden.
Cody looked up to see what it was falling from the sky. His eyes fluttered as snowflakes landed on his face, and opened his mouth to catch them.
He ran his fingers through the snow, jumped back at first, then went back for more and picked some up. He looked at it curiously then he decided to taste it.
I bet he can’t wait til he can explore the outdoors . In the summer I can see him running around the garden and in the park.
Last time we had snow I was 4-5 months pregnant, in November and December 2010.

This time the snow only lasted 12 hours. I love snow, but people tend to overreact in this country when we even just get a sprinkling of it.






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