mini rock star


Rock music on, zebrahead, sum 41, blink 182 or feeder and Cody moshes his head off. So funny and cute! He really goes for it, shakes his head up and down so rapidly, can even see his eyes go in the back of his head lol.
If I do it too, it encourages him and he does it even more and laughs.

Ive got a video on my phone that I’d like to add, but when I click on add video on my app it opens a site that I have to pay, so I’m not doing that.

Cody is now 9 months old! Since he was 8 months he has started to crawl properly (rather than just backwards) and is pulling himself up on furniture and anything he can get his hands on. He is starting to cruise along the furniture too.

At his 8 month (well exactly 9 months he was, as it was a bit delayed with me being in hospital) check up at the doctors he now weighs 21.1lbs. He may have asthma but inhalers not much use until he is at least 12 months old. We also got his appointment through for his eyes at the hospital (they want to keep an ‘eye’ on him as Chris and I have both had eye problems as a child). Other than that he is doing really well, and the doctor surprised how strong and muscular he is.

A recent pic of me:

My tigger baby growing up so fast:


Super strong Cody doing a press up!:


We both love reading books:


‘we’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one’




Cody loves his new rug for his bedroom:



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