Recovering faster than I expected!

I know it’s completely different to any operation I’ve had before, but I’m surprised how fast I’m recovering.
If it was my spine operation is still be in hospital now, flat on my back in agony not able to move.
Even with my c section, (abdominal surgery) I was discharged out of hospital after a week still in lots of pain and unable to do anything. But a week after having abdominal surgery to remove appendix and remove fluid from a burst cyst, I’ve managed to go to my hospital appointment and visit my aunty to give her birthday card. I think part of the difference is that im healing well, better than usual and because it was key hole surgery. Also, last Wednesday night, I became ill very quickly and was so rough, and soon after surgery I was feeling better.

I really hope the planned surgery I’m expecting this year (no date yet) goes just as well!

Today, at UHW was my ECHO heart scan, just to check on things because of the heart trouble I had during my c-section.
Tomorrow i got my appointment at Rookwood, to get my splint for my other leg and to try on with both the shoes.

Cody has now got his two front teeth starting to come through, maybe that’s why he has continued to be grizzly on occasions.
He’s so scrumptious I love him to bits!
He’s constantly using the furniture or whatever he can get a hold on to pull himself up, and starting to walk by holding onto things. He’s nearly 9 months now, he will be 1 in April! That’s gone so fast!


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