Emergency operation

Wednesday night the doctor called an ambulance for me as I became suddenly unwell over a few hours. I had severe abdo pain, fever and vomiting.

After a variety of tests at the hospital, the consultant surgeon said they were putting me on the emergency operation list. I went to theatre about 6pm ( only 1 hour after being told i need an operation) and was back on the ward about 11.30pm.

Thankfully they were able to do keyhole surgery. They made about 3 one inch cuts in my low abdomen. I’ve already seen a huge difference between open surgery and keyhole surgery. I could sit up in bed 12 hours after having the operation!
They took my appendix out and gave me a wash out because a cyst had burst in my right ovary.

I’m already home! Was only in there 4 nights. If that was open surgery I would still be there.

I’m still in a bit of shock, really didn’t expect all this to happen.

I’m so glad to be back home with my baby boy and partner.


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