If it’s busy and you have no mobility problems, please use the stairs and keep the lift available for disabled people or people with prams, thank you!

Went to town last week just after Christmas. We waited ages and ages and ages and ages just to get in the lift to take us from car park level to shops. 45 minutes to wait to go down and another 45 minutes or so to go back to car park.

Unbelievable! Everyone jamming the lifts full, even people who have no mobility issues. It should be prioritised for disabled people, wheelchair users, walking aids like a stick or crutches, people with prams and then people with mobility/pain problems (that don’t require an aid).

I can not use the stairs. Unless if there was a fire and I had to get out I’d either get someone to carry me or have to attempt crawling/bum shuffling the stairs.

I found it extremely unfair that lazy people who have legs, who have no problems, use the lift instead of the stairs. I have no choice!!!! When I was able to walk and had no problems i used the stairs a lot even if it was top floor, I called it my exercise.

Not one person offered to move out the lift so I or Chris and cody in pram, could get in. Very very selfish individuals!

When waiting to go back up to car park, I managed to grab an attendant who worked there, I explained, obviously I’m
in a wheelchair (Cody was in his pram with Chris pushing) that be had be waiting a very long time, and it was full every time the lift opened. I asked him if he could kick people out of the lift who don’t need to use it, who could use the escalator or stairs. And he did, thank you very much to him!

While I was in the que waiting, I tried to hint and say out loud, ‘if people don’t have any medical problems use the stairs, I have no choice to use the lift. If I was well like i use to be I wouldn’t think twice about using them’.


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