Cody’s first christmas! -Nadolig Llawen!


Nadolig Llawen! Merry Christmas!

Cody’s first Christmas.
Been so excited up to the weeks leading up to Christmas. Despite us all being ill, hacking coughs, can’t breathe and colds, we made sure we all had a good as time as possible.
On Friday, Jennifer, Jonathan and harmony called in to see us, we swopped presents and watched harmony and Cody open them, well try lol….we kind of helped a bit too. It was lovely seeing them and catching up. Cody kept trying to grab harmony’s feet, wanting to stand and harmony rolling everywhere to get where she wanted to.
Just after they left we had an unexpected visit from Chris friend Anthony and Amy.
That night, had another sleepless night with Cody. I slept for 15 mins then he would wake again crying. Then back sleep again 20 mins. I had 90 minutes of sleep in total that night, urgh! I think it must be because of Cody teething and these bugs/infections he can’t seem to get rid of.
So Christmas eve, I was rather hanging (extremely exhausted). Despite this, I made a huge effort, to go over my parents who were hosting a buffet at their house so family members could call in and exchange gifts.
Cody loved seeing everyone, he was a bit overwhelmed. He opened an early Christmas gift too.
When we got home I read Cody the story the night before Christmas and we all had an early night.
When we woke up during the early hours for one of his feeds, (daddy) Santa was delivering cody’s presents under the tree. We even heard the bells on the reindeer!

Christmas morning, we woke up to Cody with his big smiley grin, gave him loads of kisses and told him he is the best gift ever, and I love him so much.

I put on his Disney Christmas music in the background and we excitedly took Cody down to open his presents from us.
He tugged at some of the wrapping paper, and the bits he pulled off went straight to his mouth. Tap tap bang band on the presents….he plays on everything like they were drums!
Chris and I took turns helping Cody open his presents while the other one of us used the camera.
What a very lucky boy Cody was, and we were too! Thank you all for the wonderful cards and presents. We had so many.

After we freshened up and Cody had a morning nap, we went to Chris parents.
We then went from there to my parents.
Cody fell asleep in the car and remained asleep when we got there. We left him in his car seat and sat him by the Christmas tree, while we ate our turkey Christmas dinner.
After our lovely meal, Cody awoke, and we opened more presents from his grandparents Gregory. It was special for my parents too as they were celebrating their first grandchild first christmas. Cody had so many lovely gifts. I feel like a child again, I get to play with Cody and his toys too.

For me, Christmas is about friends and family coming together. Although i do think we should be closer to each other throughout the year, not just on this special day.
Many people forget what we are really celebrating at Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Im not fully religious, but I’m open to religions and beliefs.
Yes we can have parties, get drunk, go out, but remember what your really celebrating at this time of year.
Children make Christmas special for me. To see their innocent, happy smiley face light up, all so magical.
I also think about people with little or no family and friends at Christmas, and those less fortunate. I dislike how gimmicky Christmas has become and how it makes you feel you have to buy loads of presents.
The best gift at Christmas, is love. Love of all sorts, friends, neighbours, strangers, family, animals, nature; to listen, to share, to chat, to keep each other company. That feeling inside your heart that makes you all mushy, the feeling of doing good and helping others, is the best feeling and gift ever.

















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