Feeling more run down than usual…

Where has the small bit of energy I have gone?
Urgh! I’m trying to fight against my whole body from aching and hurting.
My pain meds don’t seem to be helping my spine pain as much over the past week. I feel out of it as it is.
My house is a mess, I look around and see so much to do but I can’t and that stresses me out.
Cody is getting more active by the day and is quite grizzly at the moment with his teeth coming through.
Tomorrow I have GP appointment and then it’s the Homestart childrens Christmas party. At the moment I’m trying to see how I’m gonna get through today and prepare for tomorrow. I desperately need a wash and hair wash before i go out anywhere coz I truly am a mess!!

Moan moan moan …..lalala……excuse me just wanted to try get it out of me….may as well write it out of my system, well try.


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