Father Christmas!

Cody went on his first visit to see father Christmas today at Blooms garden centre. I dressed him in his little elf costume, especially for the occasion. Cody was rather good at first. I wasn’t really expecting him to cry, i thought maybe next year when he is more aware, and also because he smiles and reaches out to people he has never met before. After a minute of seeing father Christmas he burst out in tears…..awwwww….. Must be the big large beard and glasses…poor thing lol….I’ll remind him when he’s older.






This past week has also been the final session of the language and play course. They gave us some nice pictures of our time on the course.
I’m hoping to do the toddler language and play course next year.

I had an appointment at Rookwood hospital on Tuesday with my new consultant as my previous one has retired. He said he wants to arrange for me to come in as an inpatient to teach me self intermittent catheterisation and manual evacuation.
I’ve asked if we can wait til after my spine operation.
That same day my mum put up the christmas tree with me. Cody loves all the lights 🙂
The following few days I’ve been extremely exhausted and in more pain than usual, feeling/being sick, with dizziness that’s making me feel like I’m going to faint.
I had the lady from Homestart come out for the first time on Thursday, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, so I asked if she could play with Cody on the floor while i rest on the settee. I did feel a bit awkward, just not sure what to expect. And like I usually do, its become a habit now, even though I was feeling rough, I put on my smiley face.

My friend Jess called in to see me and cody yesterday. I went to high school with her and recently got back in touch over the last 18 months.
It was good to see her. Had a little munch while chatting and playing with Cody.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping Chris can take Cody out for a few hours so I can get some sleep, I am so wrecked at the moment.

And now I’m off to sleep, nos da x x x


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