Wrapping Christmas Presents with my Little Helper


On Saturday, I dressed Cody in his little Santa helper elf costume, put Christmas music on, and started to wrap some Christmas presents.
It’s the first time in ages, that I’ve actually been slightly more organised. In other years, I’ve always left Christmas shopping and wrapping to the very last minute, which I’ve found to be very stressful and very expensive in one go. So I’ve been getting bits and pieces when I can, it helps spread the cost too.
Maybe it’s because I’ve had a baby, and it will be his first Christmas this year, that’s why I’m even more excited than I’ve been for Christmas in a while.

I’m aiming to try post my Christmas cards out earlier too. I’m sorry if I miss anyone out, I really dont mean too. It will be my foggy brain!
Most cards just go in the bin anyway don’t they? Unless they are extra special and mean something.
I use to keep every single card I’ve had for years and years. But they just kept building up and had no room for most of them. I sometimes keep a few, then with others I might cut out bits I can use, then I recycle the rest.
I will probably keep all Cody’s cards this year as it is first Christmas. I’ll put them in a scrapbook for him.







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  1. Becky says:

    What a gorgeous little lad and he looks adorable in that outfit!

    We kept Zachary’s first Christmas cards too. Unfortunately he found the box a couple of weeks ago and decided to chew a few, but we managed to save most of them lol.

    He’ll be 18 months this Christmas and is almost out of the gumming everything stage. Now we just have to deal with him nicking the baubles off the tree instead….

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