Prucalopride (resolor) update

Took the first tablet of Prucalopride on Monday night and after 90 minutes, I started getting pain in my abdomen. I felt sick too. I then had intense cramps/spasms and like a squeezing sharp pain, really painful, I thought I may as well try to see if I can go (have a bowel motion).
And yes I did, 5 times in fact in 12 hours! I was quite surprised as I rarely get just 1-2 a month normally (taking the maximum amount of laxatives)
When the intense abdo pain comes, that’s when I went to sit on the toilet.
I’ve actually only taken one dose, which was the Monday. It says to take every day, but I was a bit uneasy whether to take more so soon because of the multiple times i went after it plus the pain was quite debilitating.
The abdo pain, nausea and headache, has slowly started to reduce in the last 24 hours.

I will have to get in contact with my stoma/colorectal nurse and porphyria specialist for more advice.

It does says abdo pain, nausea and headaches are very common side effects of the medication.

But WOW I’ve actually been! I’ve tried everything available and this is only thing so far that has given me such a good bowel motion after the first dose!! Quite shocked to be honest!

Adding to this a couple of months down the line, I’m doubting that first dose was anything to do with prucalopride, as every day weeks prior to this I was taking everything on max dose, laxatives, suppositories and enemas. I believe it was probably the combination of everything finally taking affect.

I haven’t had too much success since, helps a very small bit, not great, but continued to get all the side effects, and difficult to weigh up whether its worth it.


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