Cody’s first Halloween!



Cody celebrated his first Halloween yesterday! I dressed him up in a green and black spider soft fleecy baby grow. Have also got him a black baby grow with bones on, which I might put on him today.
He is way too cute to be scary! Hehe….
We also went to the first session of the baby language and play course. Even though I’ve just come out of hospital I was determined to go because I been looking forward to this for ages!
Cody had a good time! At the end of the session there was a large box with lots of little boxes in, and we had to sing tap the box tap tap tap, and Cody to my surprise, tapped the box all by himself! I’m so impressed! What a clever boy! Only baby who did it himself too 🙂 he learns something new every day!
Chris, cody and I then went to the harvester. Cody slept through most of it, he was so tired after the play course.
I’m posting a few pics from
Cody’s first Halloween. Enjoy!





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