Prucalopride (resolor)


Prucalopride (resolor)

I did mention prucalopride, a while ago, I first found out about it last year, but was unable to start it as I was pregnant and because it was a new trial drug they didn’t want to risk anything.
Well finally, after my hospital stay with fecal compaction and on going chronic constipation, I’ve been prescribed prucalopride to start on at home.
It’s only prescribed for women at the moment , I asked why and they said it’s because there wasn’t enough men to test it on.
I’ve tried everything!
Ive had bowel problems ever since my spinal injury. The nerves are damaged so my bowel (and bladder) don’t work properly. As well as strong medication and long term laxatives, have also stopped it from working.
I currently take a cocktail of laxatives and use a peristeen (a bowel catheter). But it’s not ideal.
I’m really hoping prucalopride will help. I will let you know how I get on with it.

A link i found on prucalopride:


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  1. Brenda says:

    Did resolor help you? How long were you on it?

    1. rhiangregory says:

      Hiya, I made a second blog post called prucalopride update.
      I did have a good result the first time after using it, but unsure whether it was combination of all the extras of all sorts of laxatives, enemas etc. I’ve been having in the weeks leading up to it.
      I couldn’t cope taking it every day. I just couldn’t function with the side effects was leaving me bed bound and as I have a little one it just wasn’t possible. I then took it every other day, then went to twice a week. Sometimes it worked and sometimes not.
      I’m not on it now as I’m pregnant so I’ve stopped it.

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