More operations?

Currently waiting for another spine operation. I’m very apprehensive because when I last had an operation on my spine and my foot, I caught the 2 superbugs, MRSA and C. Diff., which led to septicaemia.
I was very ill, and nearly lost my life.
I survived! I feel so lucky!
I’ve never been the same since, and suffer from on going symptoms which are similar to M.E.. I’m still trying to find research on the after effects of MRSA and C.Diff. When I have spoken to others online, they all have the same problems I’ve been left with.
Anyway, going off at a tangent a bit.
With my incomplete spinal cord injury, it brings it’s own problems, that don’t just include pain and mobility problems, but bladder and bowels too.
I’m still waiting to see the colorectal surgeon to prescribe me a new laxative called prucalaopride. I really hope it works! I’ve tried and exhausted every possible thing on the pharmaceutical market!
I using the peristeen currently, a bowel irrigation system, but am experiencing some troubles. Won’t go into detail!
My continence nurse mentioned to me sacral nerve stimulation, I don’t know much about it but will hope get more information when I see the specialist.
It would require a trial and another operation.
Scares me so much! Would the benefits outweigh the risks?
When I had my c section, I had a horrible complication, they are unsure if was the spinal anathestic or a combination of all my health problems, medication and being pregnant. So that’s another reason why I am unsure!

I definately want to go ahead with the spine operation I’m waiting for, because I’m hoping it will reduce my pain, even if only a little amount. I know there is a chance it won’t.

The operations will require hospital stays. It’s going to be so difficult leaving Cody. I don’t know how I’ll react or cope, as I’ve never been in hospital before with having a baby son. I will miss him so so so much and won’t want to leave him. I hope he comes in to visit me, although I wouldn’t want him to see me like that, I know it will push me to want to recover as quickly as possible to be home with him. But then there is also the recovery at home and looking after him too. No doubt about it, but I will have to have a carer in.

I could say so much, but I just don’t have the energy to write anymore.
Just thought I’d share my thoughts on the more operations i need.


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