Disabled spaces..I’m young so I can’t be disabled?!!!!?

Almost everytime my partner and I pull up to park in a disabled space, we instantly get filthy looks, comments, and people starting to walk up to the car. (particularly from older people).
As soon as we put badge up and Chris gets my wheelchair out, they soon shut up and walk off.
Ive also had, while waiting for a disabled space for ages, no one else waiting, a car comes out, but as we are about to go into the space, another car with older people in, immediately pull into the space, after we having been waiting ages and were there first. They think they have priority because we are younger they are )and probably thought I wasn’t disabled too as I’m young).

It really upsets me and annoys me!

A new thing now, when my partner and I pull up into a disabled space, they not only think I’m not disabled because I’m young and shouldn’t be parking there, but also because I have a baby in car they think I am taking their spaces instead of parking in parent and child, or elsewhere.

I do know, a minority of people do use these spaces when they are not disabled and don’t have a badge. Is it laziness? Plain ignorance? Whatever it is, I find it very disrespectful!

I even get comments from some people who don’t have a disability, and say im lucky and they wished they were disabled so they can have a badge! Omg! Please. I’d give you my disability and health problems away anyday! Your welcome to my disabilities! I don’t want them! I wish it was possible to give them away!

It must be even harder to deal with rude ignorant people, if a persons disability is invisible and don’t use a walking stick, crutches or wheelchair. I feel for you I really do!

They need to sort out who they also give blue badges to, as some people clearly shouldn’t have been issued them!

Rant over. For now.


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