Summer has returned for a few days?

Ooooo it’s hot for the end of september! Wasn’t expecting this warm sunny weather. I really thought autumn had set in.

I went to the mother and baby group on Monday, I’m glad I gave it another go. Might even go back next week!
Chris, Cody and I also took a trip to mcarthur Glen shopping outlet in Bridgend. I went into the store gap, first time in over ten years! They have so many gorgeous boys clothing, bit pricey though! I did buy a lovely smart blue cardie, a smart shirt (in the style of a vest if you get me, its an all in one) and a tshirt with a mummy logo that glows in the dark, which says mummy loves you.

On Tuesday I rested all day, until had phonecall from my parents asking if wanted to go for a stroll with Cody over the lake right behind my house. It was a gorgeous evening! Cody went in his pram, and I went in my wheelchair, and my mum, dad and brother took it in turns to push us.

Yesterday, went for a car ride and stopped at Tredegar park, while we ate a gregs sausage roll.

Today, I had a check up appointment, that went fine, was only there 10 mins!! We then went down the bay to an all you can eat Chinese, then followed by food shopping. I bought Cody a few goodies in the sale, more clothing but size 6-12 months, a cuddly tang the monkey from the zingzillas, 2 miniature books and this months mother and baby magazine which had free wipes and a nursery rhyme cd.
I also noticed that tesco pengam green sell children’s welsh/English books! Might buy one or two when I have the money for Cody.

Tomorrow i have another hospital appointment with the continence team, which my mum is going to take me to give Chris some time to sleep as he works nights.
My mum and I are hoping to get use of the paddling pool for Cody tomorrow, as we haven’t had chance with the miserable weather. It’s suppose to be warm and sunny again tomorrow.









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