Cardiff natural health show

I went along to Cardiff natural health show this afternoon, with my friend Jessica. We have gone together over the last couple of years, starting to become a tradition!
One of the two lectures, we went to, was on laughter yoga. Ive never done anything like this before, but from what I’ve heard of, I did expect it to take me out of my comfort zone, and yes I was right it did. I was extremely shy, I still am, but am trying to be more confident. I hoping if I do more things that take me out of my comfort zone it will help.
Also, I truly believe, laughter is a natural medicine! And has so many benefits, like increasing endorphins.
That’s one reason why I like the film patch adams, where a medical student tries to promote smiles, happiness and laughs for his patients.

Even though I’m in more pain now, I’m glad I went today for a couple of hours. We only live once and life is so short.
My motto, live the best your able to.
I want to push myself, within reason, to do things I want to do, and try not let my pain and other symptoms hold me back.

I’m planning to go back to the mother and baby group tomorrow, and give it another try.

I’ll blog when I can. Love you. X


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