Disabled Parents Unite

On Monday I went to my first ever mother and baby group. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I did know there would be some life style differences to other people because of the multiple chronic health conditions I have. It was my first time out with Cody alone. To be fair, chris did take us and pick us up. I had plans ready in how and where I was going to sit. I asked one of the staff members to hold Cody for me, while I then manovered myself onto the floor. They had cushions there, but I took my own too just incase.

Cody enjoyed seeing other children, and was overwhelmed at first at seeing all toys, sensory objects, etc. they had there. After about half hour he became more confident in himself and started babbling away. It wasn’t long before he started to get grumpy as it was his usual nap time during the session.

I’m unsure if I will go back next week. I felt there were some quite big differences, between me and the others, due to my health problems. I am always having to make plans on how I will manage my day, depending on the type and symptoms I have, the amount of pain, how fatigued I am, whether I’m being sick, etc. This all affects what I do in a day. A lot of days are spent at home, because it is virtually impossible to do anything. Some days are spent in bed. If Chris is unable to look after Cody on those days, and no-one is, Cody stays in the bedroom with me. I have to make decisions whether I need help to get dressed and help to get Cody dressed, or whether we both have to have a pjama day (which is a lot of the time).

I’m constantly in pain, and have to decide how much medication, say morphine I take. If I take too much I’ll be very nauseas and vomit, even with my anti-emetic medication. Also, I can’t be too ‘out of it’ as I have to look after Cody’s well being.

There are never ending examples of what I have to do and think of, and how I will have to adapt.

Maybe I should just share this with others more than I do now, then they will know how different and challenging it is. That’s why I decided to write about a few of these things in my blog. To bring awareness of chronic illnesses and with all the extras that we cope with.

I am waiting to do the baby language and play course, which is what I wanted to do in the first place. It starts in October. In the mean time I wanted to do something so thats why I thought I would give the mother and baby group ago.

As for the title of my post, ‘Disabled Parents Unite’, when I came back from the mother and baby class, I wished there were classes for mums who have chronic health problems, as I felt I may have more in common with them and could share our experiences and what we are going through. I searched on facebook for a group, disabled parents, but found nothing. So I thought, why don’t I make a group, and I’ve named it Disabled Parents Unite. It’s for mums or dads who have children or who are even thinking of having children, and want to share our stories, tips, how we adapt, problems we face, or just general chat.

Time to feed Cody his tea now. Banana flavoured baby porridge. I’ll update when I can.

My beautiful blue eyed boy

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