Finally a post!

I haven’t written on my blog in a while.
I’m the usual (in lots of pain, exhausted, etc) it’s just easier to say the usual to people who know me now instead of going through the whole list of debilitating symptoms I get, or I say I’m ok (even when I’m not). I sometimes feel when people ask how are you, they don’t really want to know how you really are and care.

Anyway, Cody is doing so well, he is 5 months old this Tuesday, it really does go so fast! It seems like yesterday he was born.
I’m enjoying being a mum to my beautiful boy.
It is a struggle I admit. It is for any mum or dad, but with being disabled and with multiple chronic health problems, it’s much more of a challenge.
I not only have to plan every bit of how I am going to get through a day, but also cody’s day, and trying to adapt and combine each others needs.
Even Before Cody came along, I had to plan things like a military operation for myself. I have to take into account how exhausted I am, how much pain I am, could it get worse throughout day, make sure I have all my medication at hand, am I able to get dressed, do I need help to get dressed, can I not even get dressed with help, how much energy I have to enable me to do most basic of tasks like getting out of bed, doing my hair, washing, etc.

If I have to go to an appointment, or visit a family member, I have to do a mental check list. Now its not only my list but Cody’s list too.

My List goes something like this:

Medication CHECK
Gloves CHECK
Mobile phone CHECK
Any entertainment material like a book or game CHECK
Sugary snack and drink CHECK
Jacket/cardie CHECK
Wheelchair CHECK
Crutches CHECK
Blue badge CHECK

Codys list goes something like this:

Changing bag:
Nappies CHECK
Milk formula pre pared in bottle CHECK
Spare bottle CHECK
Ready made milk carton CHECK
Spare clothes CHECK
Nappy bags CHECK
Favourite toy CHECK
Blanket CHECK
Any other toy / distraction CHECK

Baby carrier CHECK
Car seat CHECK
Baby CHECK (lol)

I know there are things I’ve either forgotten or purposely missed out. Just wanted to give a general idea.
It also varies on where we are going, whether it to a hospital appointment and what for and how long will be there, family visits, day trip, etc.

Im going to finish writing for now, Cody is asleep and i am going to sleep while he does too.
I’ll try and update when I can.
Nos da x x x x

Love you Cody sweet dreams x x x x

Cody taking a morning nap (20 weeks 5 days old)



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