My baby boy has arrived!

On the 26th April, my baby boy was born by c section, at 10.24am and weighed 7lbs 14oz.
His name is
Cody James Gregory-Cummings

I can’t believe he is finally here! He is so gorgeous I love him to bits!

On the day of the c section, I was a little nervous but couldn’t wait to meet my baby who I’ve been carrying inside me for 9 months.
My mum and boyfriend chris came up the hospital with me.
I was hoping I’d be seen to first as going prolonged time without food or drink can cause me problems plus I was so eager to meet my baby and knew if I had to wait around all day it would go so slow.
Luckily, I was first on the list!
The anaesthetist put a neck line in me because I’m so difficult to get any iv access. (the majority of people have normal venflon lines in their hands/arms)
Soon after I had the procedure to put the neck line in, the anaesthetist used ultrasound to examine my back to see how it looked to put the spinal anaesthestic in. (you may know if your reading this I have multiple health conditions and problems that include a spinal injury and spondylyosis including previous spinal surgery)
We (me and chris) were then escorted into theatre where they did the spinal anaesthestic. There were so many theatre staff in there, 10 plus at least. Soon after I started having increasingly severe chest pain, radiating in my chest and down my shoulder. The numbness didn’t just go from my waist, it went up to my shoulder/neck.
I felt terrible, extremely sick with unbelievable pain in my chest and left arm. I remember becoming dizzy, telling them about chest pain, hearing the moniter going nuts, and I just become out of it. They gave me medication to slow my heart down and the one anaesthtist was massaging my neck, shoulder and chest vigoursely.
This was all before them actually starting the incision to get the baby out.
I remember bits but because of this reaction most is a blur.
I remember them saying they were starting to the op, and then the next thing i knew the one midwife quickly showing me the baby (I was too ill at this stage and couldn’t hold), whisk baby off and then I heard his first cry. I’m so glad I got to hear this. At first I was in disbelief, is that my baby, omg that’s my baby I hear crying. I remember the tears of panic and pain I was getting with my heart going 200+ beats, turned to tears of joy.
Once I was more stable, chris handed me the baby. He was perfect! His tiny fingers and toes, scrunched up little face, smooth skin, dark blue eyes with a small bit of very fair hair. He weighed 7lbs 14oz.
In recovery I got to get the first skin to skin touch with him.
His skin so soft against mine. I couldn’t stop staring at him.
I was very lucky as they let my mum and dad come into recovery to see us.
They were so pleased too!

I’m going to sign off for now and will update again. It’s been so busy all the time since I’ve had him. He comes first now before everything I need and want to do.

I’ve included a few pics of Codys first few hours of his life in this world.


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