No baby yet although some signs

Well, the last few days have been the most difficult part of the pregnancy….all the pregnancy symptoms that have occurred throughout pregnancy all at the same time including pains in my low abdomen and back, which are completely different to normal, but have been very irregular. At times they have taken my breath away and I’ve had to do a lot of rocking back and fore with my hips to try and get through them.
I’m hoping the midwife visit tomorrow will put me at ease.

OT (occupational therapist) visited today for second time. Finally getting essential aids that can help me around the house. After over 4 years, I’ve adapted to things by myself learning around the home.
Today I recieved a chair for the kitchen, which will definately help me so I can make my baby bottles, helping chris with cooking even if it like 5 mins stirring the pan or chopping vegetables, etc.
Hoping to try out a shower seat next time.

Gonna sign off now and watch the programme on planning a baby with known genetic conditions.
Well our baby due anyday now so a bit late for this baby. If our boy did get a known genetic condition from me I’m hoping it won’t affect him too much.


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