The last 2 weeks of pregnancy

I haven’t even had my baby yet and I’m already thinking how much I’m going to miss my bump and that special bond that only me and my baby inside me has, the movements the kicks and pokes, the pregnancy symptoms (although unpleasant). It’s the only time I’ve been proud of showing my big belly off.
I’m looking forward to meeting him and being a mum.
I think it’s truly amazing that a mini human being has been developing inside me. I’ve got less than 12 days left and despite all the struggles I’m gonna make sure I make the most of every minute I’m carrying him.

As I’m writing this he’s got hiccups hehe………. 🙂

I’ve included a pic of my 36 week scan. If you have very good eyes you may be able to see his face. He has a very rounded face with chubby cheeks, and can also make out part of his eye socket, nose and mouth. I think he looks like a combination of my dad, my brother as a baby and chris. I wonder if he will have hair and what colour…..


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  1. carol says:

    First visit to your blog not long to go now this is the exciting and uncomfortable period of your pregnancy. Commenting on breast or bottle well I would have to firstly go in favour of what is natural however its what is best at the time for mother and baby. Just have to wait and see.

  2. Sarah says:

    it has been said that breast feeding for just three days gives a massive benefit… so if you need to start your meds soon just Breast for three days then move onto bottle….

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