Breast or bottle feeding?

I’ve often thought of the topic of breastfeeding even before I became pregnant. Wondering if I would try it, the benefits, etc.
I’ve always been interested in science, particularly the human body. So from the knowledge I’ve studied and learnt, I do believe the properties of breast milk have increased benefits.
The human body is incredibly amazing and complex, often mind boggling.
Life in general and how it all works together in equilibrium with each other. Fascinating!
Creating a new life is so special, bringing a new human into this world from cells not visible with human eyes, that join, multiple and develop, inside a woman, and at the end of nine months holding a new baby in your arms, with all the organs and features that have been made from genes from mum and dad.
So it’s not suprising to know, us women, our breasts were created for that reason to provide that life we have made, the food nutrition they need, which our body has specifically designed for our baby.

What do I believe are the benefits of breast feeeding?
* Its free
* available whenever and wherever your baby needs a feed
* correct temperature
* it can build a strong physical and emotional bond between mother and baby
* it can protect your baby from infections and diseases
* can lower risk of mother having breast and ovarian cancer
* uses up to 500 calories a day
* it can delay the return of your periods (contraception)

Breast feeding definately sounds best.
But I know like with everything, it’s not always suitable for mother and/or baby.
My concerns when thinking about whether to breastfeed are:
* uneven breasts
* inverted nipples
* cracked sore nipples
* very sensitive nipples/breasts before even starting breastfeeding
* painful breasts pre, during and post breastfeeding
* blockages/build up/ infection
* multiple medications, what’s safe and not, what crosses between breast milk with mother and baby and it’s effect
* chronic health conditions that can affect mother on a daily basis in many ways, that may bevan extra struggle or problems that prevent being able to breastfeed. The need for help from partner, friends and family to help out with feeds.

I’m still undecided whether I will breastfeed or bottle feed, or a combination, express milk, the length of time, etc.

I believe it’s all up to the individual and the circumstances that surround it. It’s different for every woman and the reasoning behind choosing what’s best for them and their baby. Breastfeeding doesn’t suit everyone, and bottle feeding may be the best option for them.


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