Final month of pregnancy

So this week, midwife visited me on Monday and I had an antenatal appointment yesterday. I had another scan to check on things. At the time of scan I was 36.3 weeks, and measurements showed he 41weeks plus! The highest it went lol….might be a big baby then! Coz he so big now the scans are more difficult to see, well for me anyway, but I got a peak of his face (it’s a normal nhs 2d black and White ultrasound) but I could see he had a rounded square face with chubby cheeks. I reckon he looks like a mixture of chris, my brother (as a baby) and my dad. I can’t wait to see him in person, to see what colour hair if any, eye colour , shape, weight etc.
There is Ginger, blonde and brown hair in my close family, and blue, green and brown eyes, as well as chris family.
My blood pressure only slightly raised, and have protein and other things in my urine which could be an infection (I get lots of them anyway as my spinal injury affects the function of bladder and bowels).
I had a tracing done of my baby heartbeat which was all fine 🙂 plus the tracing also showed up the braxton hicks (practice contractions) that I knew I had been having.
C section date staying the 26th April. Even though he measuring on the big size, due to the medication I take it can affect his lung development, he could suffer with withdrawel effects, and need extra help with breathing etc….so the later he delivered the less chance of major complications. Although there still a chance and they are booking a neo natal bed for him.

My blood levels have continued to decrease and I’m going into hospital for a transfusion as it’s low. Having a c section will guarantee I will lose more blood so they really need to Increase it before, to safer levels.

I’ve had lots of blood transfusions in the past due to lots of reasons. This time it probably a combination of pregnancy and thalassemia.

There are probably lots of other things to mention, but can’t remember them all off the top of my head.

Oh we set up the pram and car seat too!

My blog looks like it’s become more of a pregnancy journal than any other topics.


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