I feel like im going to pop anytime!

I’m going to POP!!! I had a scan at 30 weeks pregnant and he was already head down, had scan at 34 weeks and was told he very low. In some of his measurements from the ultrasound he was measuring 38-40 weeks when I was just 34 weeks. So he either gonna be a big baby or come earlier than expected. Got another scan next week when I’ll be 36 weeks.
Normally on the nhs pregnant women only get 2 scans, at about 12 and 20 weeks. But because I have so many health problems and high risk, I’ve had scans at 9 weeks, 11 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks, 34 weeks and another to come at 36 weeks.
I think he may come before my c section date, which I’ve been given is 26th April. (due date 30th April). I’ve had increasing braxton hicks and getting stronger. Before they were just uncomfortable but now are becoming more painful.

I weighed myself on weekend and have only put on 6lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. In books I’ve read normal is 20-40lbs. It’s probably because I’ve had horrible hyperemesis (extreme vomiting very difficult to control) and in and out of hospital for fluids/nutrition.

The pic below is of my continueing expanding bump. From my pic everyone says I look big, but in real life everyone says I’m tiny. You can see from the middle pic how much he has dropped, I was carrying very high.


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