The festive christmas period

Merry Christmas to all! 2010!

Unfortunately, I’ve been very rough, multiple infections, antibiotics and ME relapse. So my body is suffering lots.
Why oh why on Christmas?! Sorry to start my blog sounding so bleak but that’s how we, people with chronic health conditions are on a daily basis no matter what time of year it is.

I pushed myself to see my parents, brother and chris parents yesterday in Christmas day, and my grandparents gregory on Christmas eve.
I had to use reserved energy (and spoons) which didn’t have anyway to see them and open presents and eat yummy turkey Christmas dinner.
I was spoilt as usual hehe I feel so lucky.
Thank you all for the cards and gifts 🙂

Today, boxing day I was hoping to see more family but it’s been impossible. I haven’t moved from bed as my body is really really suffering. And to be honest it’s got me down. I have to say no lots of the time now and it upsets me that I can’t do everything what I want. I feel terrible telling family and friends all the time that I can’t. Please understand, I can’t help it, I’d love to go out all the time and see you, my body won’t allow it though and I’m so sorry.
I can’t even describe or explain what my body feels like. Imagine your worst flu, hangover, worst infections, like you’ve been non stop for weeks extremely busy, no sleep, etc. Well that’s how I am on a daily basis.
It’s awful! And I don’t think most of my friends/family really understand that when they do see me, how much of an effort and challenge it is for me.
You ask how I am, I usually go quiet shrug and ummm and answer ok. It’s just so much easier as there is so much wrong!

On a brighter note, I’m looking forward to next Christmas with my own little one, and telling stories of the baby Jesus, Santa and reindeers. 🙂

Thank you baby in my tummy for nudging poking kicking me, amazing!
I actually saw the baby head through my tummy on Christmas eve, was lying down looking at my tummy, and it looked like an orange shape lump under my skin appear!! I felt it and was hard. Definately must have been the baby’s head. Fascinating!


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