Time for a blog post! – pregnancy, baby flutters, snow

As I’m writing this, it has been snowing for 2 hours here in Cardiff and there is snow everywhere! I’m really suprised! It’s rare for Cardiff to get snow but over the last two years we’ve had more snow than I can remember!
Our 10plate imusic Renault megane has never driven in snow before, so
I hope it deals with it ok.
Plus first time in this house we’ve had snow (moved here in July) and also first snow being pregnant!

A couple of weeks ago, I had results from my blood tests, and said I have a mild form of thalassemia. Why they are concerned is because it’s genetic and my baby could have it. They want chris now to be tested too.
I’ve been anaemic a lot in the past sometimes severe enough to have to have blood transfusions plus always been told my red blood cells are small. They never looked into it and always assumed it was womens problems like heavy periods.
But now we have a reason why! There are four types, silent carrier, mild form, severe, extremely severe (possible death). Luckily I have the mild form but chris needs checking as the risks of a more severe form go up for the baby if chris has it.
As some of you also know, I have another genetic condition variegate porphyria, it’s a dominant gene which means my baby has a 50% chance of having the same condition.

Guess what? I bought a fetal heart moniter on amazon, and I’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat!! Since it’s my own I can listen anytime I want. It’s reassuring and makes it even more real!
Plus, I’ve feeling the odd flutter, in the last few weeks, difficult to tell if baby though as its extremely weak at the moment and can only feel if lying down still. Yesterday I felt more flutters than usual, and by the evening I even think i felt a kick!!

Flutters – for me can feel like heart palpitations (that pulsing jumping feel) but in my low abdomen, popping, gas bubbles, and I have felt a couple of times like my tummy turning on a rollercoaster (not on a rollercoaster though lol) low in my abdomen, I wonder if that maybe doing a somersault!

The one off ‘kick’ felt like something poking me/stretching out from the inside of my abdomen just below my belly button.

Omg!!! I can’t wait till the 20 week scan! I so hope everything is going well. Plus might find out if it’s a girl or boy. I’m currently 17 weeks 6 days.

I still don’t look pregnant though. If I wear a tight top can see a slight bump but anyone else who don’t know me would say it’s fat lol.

The photos I’ve added are taken from my house, the backgarden and front garden and street. Quite a lot of snow , as these pics were only taken 1 hour of it starting!


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